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These places hold a special place in my soul, to say the least. My friend Connor brought me to both these places in high school when we were only 16.  The first images are of an abandoned float factory. I recently came back to this place in March of 2022. It had changed so much since I had last been here. 

Connor passed away in August of 2020. This was unlike any loss I have ever experienced in my life. I had never experienced the loss of a friend before. Connor showed me so much of a world I never even knew existed. He captured images and turned them into stories that make you question reality. 

When I went back to the abandoned float factory, I found the spot where Connor spraypainted his name with a heart next to it. It was still there, after four years with only one other name covering a part of it. Connor opened my eyes to a world that has always been there, just one that I was never able to see. 

Click on the images for additional stories on Connor. 

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